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Women’s Racing Swimming Suits

When one thinks of swimmers, one of the first things that comes to mind is speed and power. Part of that is pure hard work, part of that is talent and the other part of it is equipment. At SwimFreak, we believe that swimmers have to feel confident in what they wear and that a quality product can make the difference when competition gets tight. Our store carries the best brands in women’s competition swimwear, including Speedo, Arena, blueseventy, Engine and more. We’re proud to offer these products at discount prices. We believe every woman should have access to quality gear despite her budget.

Our technical swimsuits for women are perfect for competitive swimming. They help destroy drag, improve range of motion and allow a swimmer to be one with the water. Our ladies’ performance swimwear are all lightweight and cling to the skin like a glove. They are available in a variety of colors and styles, and we are always on the lookout for new and exciting suits. Not only are we proud of our collection of competitive swimsuits for women, but we’re proud of our customer service. Here at SwimFreak we’re here for whatever you need. We also offer free shipping on orders over $75. We know you’ll find just what you need to go beyond at SwimFreak.

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Speedo Aquablade
List Price: $89.00
Our Price: $89.00
Speedo FS Pro Recordbreaker
List Price: $190.00
Our Price: $190.00
Sale Price: $95.99
Savings: $94.01
Arena Powerskin Limited Edition ST Kneeskin
List Price: $130.00
Our Price: $130.00
Nero XII Kneeskin
List Price: $375.00
Our Price: $375.00
Sale Price: $149.99
Savings: $225.01
NEROXII FABRIC Extensive research went in to developing the best possible fabrics for the neroXII. The goal was to achieve a fabric that enhanced compression, improved power, elasticity, but still retained the lightweight that you expect from blueseventy neroTX. We focused on elasthanne fibers in the suit (that give it the stretch and more importantly pull force) in the fabric. As shown in fig 1a neroXII fabric has 56% more elasthanne fibers than in neroTX and double the fiber % than a standard performance swimsuit. Fig 1a Elasthane fibre % in race suit material Certain fabric’s stress-strain properties are dependent on load direction (warp versus weft). By controlling the manufacturing process of the fabric, we have been able to craft material that has different resistant to force according the direction of the load placed upon it. This means we are able to increase the lateral compressive force of neroXII and increase stretch in the vertical direction to improve range of motion. Fig 1b shows the difference in tensile strength and modulus between the 2 directions of stress applied to the neroXII. Fig 1b Direction strength and modulus in neroXII fabric Using more powerful fabric presents 2 challenges: Reducing dead weight. Keeping strong hydrodynamic welded seams. neroXII suits are still extremely lightweight. (Fig 1c) Using a standard size 26 the kneeskin is only 107 grams. This is almost 66% the weight of standard performance race suits. Fig 1c Weight comparison of race suits
Engine Wingskin Armour Kneeskin
List Price: $359.00
Our Price: $359.00
Sale Price: $149.99
Savings: $209.01
Speedo LZR Elite Recordbreaker
List Price: $270.00
Our Price: $270.00
Sale Price: $162.00
Savings: $108.00
FS3 Elite Recordbreaker Kneeskin
List Price: $300.00
Our Price: $300.00
Sale Price: $180.00
Savings: $120.00
Arena Powerskin Carbon Pro MK2 Closed Back Kneeskin
List Price: $475.00
Our Price: $199.00
Sale Price: $199.00
Savings: $276.00
Nero TX Kneeskin
List Price: $300.00
Our Price: $300.00
Sale Price: $239.99
Savings: $60.01
If you are looking for a suit that fits like a glove, this suit is for you! With sizes as low as 18, fit is almost guaranteed. Suits come with manufacturer warranty for defects and can be registered on-line.