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Swim Training Fins for Sale

Browse through this category for swimming flippers and fins for pros and beginners. If your intention is to buy swim fins for beginners online, you won't go wrong with SwimFreak. We also carry the best kids’ swim fins you’ll find anywhere. As far as our swim training fins for sale go, the Speedo Nemesis Fins are a unique development in swim fin technology for practicing. The specially scalloped outside edges enhance the movement of water due to their increased surface area, and their special valves and channels provide just the right resistance.

Other swim fin options include Speedo Short Blade Fins and Speedo Powerfins, both available in seven sizes with each size bearing its own unique color-coding. Sizes range from XXS all the way to XXL. The Arena Tech Pro Fins are currently being offered at close to half off! These are designed for intensive training, and they're comfortable and easy to use.