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Hand, Finger & Forearm Paddles for Swim Training

Swimming hand paddles and forearm fulcrums are the result of technologies developed to help increase proper swimming techniques. Some swimming hand fins, such as the Speedo Biofuse Finger Paddles found here, are especially effective in relieving shoulder pain suffered by some senior swimmers. These are by far the best swim paddles made for aging swimmers who wish to continue the exercise of swimming without experiencing shoulder pain after years of overhead stroking.

Hand paddles for swim training are an excellent means for swimmers of all ages and levels to improve stroking technique, because the feedback they provide when using improper hand and arm placement in the water is immediate. Some models, such as the FINIS Bolster Paddle, have a unique extension along the wrist that acts almost like a wrist splint to keep the wrist from bending while the most powerful stroke is achieved. Take a look at the video.