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Best Athletic Swimwear

Choosing the best practice and racing swimsuit for your particular needs includes how it feels, how it looks and, of course, how much it costs. The Dolfin Styx DBX with a V2 back is one of the more popular sport bathing suits online, and with the fantastic discount we're offering, it should become an even more desired piece of swimwear.

Fully printed and lined, these Styx sporty swimsuits are made from 80% nylon and 20% lycra spandex. They hold their shape beautifully and are durably made to provide a long life. You'll also find another 20+ models in the Women's Swim Suits sub-category made with equal high quality by Dolfin, Speedo, AquaSphere, Nike, Splatter Splash and Arena. Men's and youth bathing suits are offered from the same manufacturers. Check out our deeply-discounted selection!