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Men’s Sports Swimwear

We've curated a collection of some of the best men’s bathing suits out there and included discount men’s athletic swimwear briefs, like the Arena Stormy that we're currently offering at a super discount. Other popular men’s swimsuits, like the Arena Polycarbonite, are made for speed but are no slackers when it comes to good looks or lasting endurance. They're made with the unique MaxLife material that resists sunlight and chlorine, has minimal water absorption and has a natural stretch for a perfect fit.

Other examples of top-notch men’s sports swimwear include Speedo's Solid Endurance Brief and Solid Square Leg suits. You'll also find some popular men’s swimming jammers for sale from top name manufacturer Speedo, including their popular Splatter Splash that's made from Xtra Life Lycra for a great fit and extra durability. These Jammers also come designed with cool graphics along the sides!